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CM asks DMRC to increase overall Metro frequency

CM asks DMRC to increase overall Metro frequency
He said Delhi government will bear any loss that may arise out of this move. The Delhi government has also decided to provide bus services at a frequency of two-five minutes on the city’s 10 road stretches to be redesigned soon.

“I have asked DMRC to increase their train frequency. Metro has informed the government that in the past one month, DMRC has inducted 125 new trains in its fleet, but it is not sufficient. I recently sent some of my volunteers to check the status of the frequency of Metro trains and I got to know that at 6 am, there is a frequency of 7 to 15 minutes between two trains,” said Kejriwal. 

He said several people told him that they have stopped travelling by <g data-gr-id="35">the Metro</g> because of the heavy rush. DMRC Chief Mangu Singh has told the government when less than seven people occupy one <g data-gr-id="33">sq</g> metre in the Metro, they decrease the frequency, the Chief Minister said.

“I have asked him to run trains at peak frequency for three months. If there is no crowd even at 6 am, DMRC should run trains in peak frequency and the Delhi government will pay for any loss the Metro suffers,” he said.

Public Works Department (PWD) minister <g data-gr-id="38">Satyendar</g> Jain said <g data-gr-id="28">government</g> has decided to provide high-frequency bus services on 10 roads to be redesigned by the department. The 10 roads to be redesigned are from Janakpuri to Sarai Kale Khan, Wazirabad to Sarai Kale Khan, Mukarba Chowk to Singhu Border, Wazirabad to Apsara Border, Nizamuddin Crossing (Ring Road 2) to UP Border, Wazirpur DTC Depot to Rithala Metro Station, Britannia Road to Outer Ring Road (West Enclave), Shiv Das Puri Marg (Ring Road) to Patel Nagar, Mangolpuri to Kanjhawala, Nawala Cross Road (Road number 41) to Road Number 41 A (Patparganj).

“The government has planned to provide high-frequency bus services on these 10 redesigned roads. People will be able to get buses on these stretches at every 2-5 minutes. The government will also create a dedicated bus lane on this stretch,” said Jain.

He also said that in order to provide last mile connectivity, the government will provide feeder bus services and CCTVs will also be installed on these 10 roads.
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