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Clones and then some

Clones and then some
Managed by the band members themselves, the festival was conceived purely out of love and their passion for music. Possibly the only artist-driven festival, CLONEfest showcases some of the best talents from across the country. The 2013 CLONEfest was held in Delhi over 28 and 29 December with an impressive line-up that included Advaita, Sundog Project, The Limited Experience, Moonshine, Frame/Frame, Contraband and The Urban Earlyman.

We caught up with Surojit Dev, Drummer for Them Clones for some candid Q and A – here are the excerpts...

Tell us about how you guys came together as a band.
I don’t think this question is relevant anymore as none of the earlier members are there apart from me :)

And also the name... how did the name come to be?
We always had parallel careers going from start. So, we thought whenever we would be on stage or even creating new music, it would be clones of ourselves.

What inspires you guys to create music, who are your idols?
Our clones who face the daily life.

Tell us about your first break and how the journey has been since.
Depends what do you mean by first break. Ours isn’t a rags to riches story. So!

Some memorable moments for you guys?
Any packed house with fans singing our tunes are memorable moments. Irrespective of bigger or smaller venues.

What suggestions would you have for newbies who want to make it big?
Keep at it. Everything else will follow.

How has Delhi been for you guys? What do you guys have planned for this show?
Its home. So it is always special. Hence, different renditions of CLONEfest only happens here and nowhere else.  

What next for you guys?
More new tunes. Possibly an album. However, this is not an announcement.
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