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Click for a change

 Sylvester Tamang |  2013-08-10 22:52:09.0  |  New Delhi

Click for a change

The city witnessed a photo talk by renowned award winning photographer Raghu Rai.  The event was organised by leading Child Rights NGO CRY- on the importance of photography as an effective tool to highlight the issues faced by children in the country.

Rai has been capturing thought-provoking and powerful images to achieve social goals. The talk was a step towards achieving another social goal and an attempt to acquaint the citizens through the medium of photography the problems faced by the children of India who are denied their basic rights. The idea was to bring together the talent of the group and harness the power of the camera to achieve social goals and evoke positive response from the people.

The aim was also to make a collective that is able to see beyond the headline and examine the realties that lies beneath the surface. Speaking to Millennium Post Rai said, ‘The current issue is really special to him and he believes that accountability by the government for the pertaining problems is the need of the hour.’

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