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Class X student assaults traffic sergeant

A traffic sergeant was beaten up allegedly by a class X student when he was being restricted from riding his motorbike on wrong flank. The incident had taken place at the intersection of Amherst Street and Mahatma Gandhi Road. Finding the youth riding the motorbike on the wrong flank, traffic sergeant Debashis Basu chased and caught him.

The accused pushed the sergeant as soon as he was caught. But the sergeant didn’t allow him to leave the place and it led to an altercation. The youth suddenly hit him on his face and again tried to leave the place with his motorbike. By that time policemen, who were patrolling the area, reached the spot and caught him. They arrested and took him to the police station. It may be mentioned that similar incident had taken place quite a few times earlier and such incidents takes place mainly at night. A section of people ride bikes in an inebriated state at night and get engaged into an altercation with the police when stopped at the checking points. According to an officer of the traffic department of the city police, Wednesday’s incident is a bit different from other such happenings. The reason being a class X student has manhandled a sergeant.

A senior police said that violating traffic norms mainly by those who ride bikes will not be tolerated. Instructions were given to the officers-in-charge of all traffic guards to take necessary steps to check the problem of traffic norms violation.

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