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City DJ to play with Korn

City DJ to play with Korn
He grew up listening to Michael Jackson and Madonna which led him to the art he has mastered. DJ Siddharth has been behind the console for more than 15 years now without any formal training. ‘I started in 1998 by trying my hand at making mix tapes. Since then I have evolved and come a long way,’ says the DJ. And now the city-based DJ is all set to perform with American death metal band Korn as part of their India tour. 

Siddharth was never inclined to academics and is a college dropout. ‘Being remotely aloof from studies, everything which does not involve books is what am best at,’ he says.

Treading the route all along, Siddharth faced a lot of resistance from his family. ‘Initially my parents were apprehensive of letting me pursue music as a career but gradually I convinced them after noticing my confidence,’ he says. His calls his genre of music- free style mixing and asserts he can mix any type n kind of music and create innovation.

‘The USP of my music is fusion as I am a master at creating novel music by mixing any kind of tracks. The niche music is play and mix is electronic dance music,’ he added.

The DJ who has played at events like IPL and Champions League, feels DJing is a challenging task. ‘You have to keep yourself updated about the new music in the market. Awareness of the trends in music is an important criteria. Like a specific kind of music called Step-Up is making a mark in the music circuit,’ he says.

Siddharth despises the state of DJing in India and claims its still looked down upon as a career. ‘DJ’s in India are only treated well by who indulge in nightlife which constitues only 5 per cent of the whole. population,’ he says. Siddharth dreams to travel the world only to learn and play novel music around the world and wishes to lend out his skills to experiment in Bollywood.
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