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‘Cinema has the power to create a nation’

‘Cinema has the power to create a nation’
Karnad's lecture discussed  a kaleidoscopic description of Indian cinema and its journey from its initial stages to what it is now. He said that this art form which initially started in a shaky manner has gradually established itself and has now become the face of India.

Karnad said that there are three key factors of Indian cinema that has assisted in constructing Indian cinema as major agent in nation building which include language, music and lyrics and one topic that the Hindi film industry has kept away from is politics.

He highlighted the importance of cinema in bridging a language barrier and constructing one language, cinematic-Hindi, which was understood by the people of varied states of this nation and brought a form of unanimity which was crucial.

The actor also expressed that the cinema has strayed away from the masses in rural India and it now basically caters to the audiences in the cities and the middle-class section of the society.
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