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Cinema, beyond classrooms

Cinema, beyond classrooms
If acting and filmmaking are things that fascinate you, time to gear up for a workshop — Cinema Calling. This workshop is a part of a programme initiated by Mark 5 Films, a Delhi-based acting and film training organisation.

The workshop will teach you everything from acting to post production, but ‘with a difference’, claims the Creative Director of Mark 5 Films.

‘We decided to teach beyond the classroom experience, giving an informal training about real life-like situations and a first hand-experience of the industry’, said Vikram Khattar, Creative Director, Mark 5 Films.

For cinema enthusiasts, this workshop will provide a platform to develop one’s skills in areas of their interest and provide them with a first-hand experience of everything from acting, directing, ideating to concept development, story and screenplay, handling camera, and also the post production requirements, Khattar added.  

‘If one has a passion for film-making, and the penchant to give shape to one’s ideas, this programme is aimed at providing  a platform to people from different walks of life. Not only do we give them a chance to understand the workings of the industry, but also give them a first-hand experience at film-making,’ he said.

From training to providing equipment, and also providing insight into the film industry and tips on how how to penetrate the industry, the workshop includes everything.

Keeping with the promise of taking teaching beyond classrooms, the workshop will be held at the Jim Corbett National Park — a setting where one can experience the real outdoor shoots for different genre of movies.

‘In choosing the location what we tried to do was give the idea of outdoor setting. This will give students an idea about exposure — be it learning camera exposure or facing the camera in the right direction, midnight shoots or behind the camera hassles,’ claims Khattar.

Among all the applicants, eight people will be chosen for the workshop. They will then undergo rigorous training for about 2-3 months in their field of choice and then finally given a chance to make short films.

They will also have trainers from the prominent film institutes who will be visiting.

So if the film bug has bitten you, go try your luck.


At: Corbett National Park
When: 27 July onwards
Registrations: 6800 6800
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