CID arrests former domestic help for Malda triple murder

CID arrests former domestic  help for Malda triple murder
The accused Nirmal Singh (24), originally a resident of Narayangarh in Malda, was arrested from his 
sister’s house situated just a few kilometres from Malda Town. He had turned bald the day after committing the crime and took shelter in his sister’s house. He finally confessed the crime during interrogation.

Tapash Kumar Das, DIG CID (Special), said there were two main reasons behind killing the three. First, the accused had entered the house to decamp with valuables and was being restricted by the victims. Secondly, he also had a grudge against them as he had been thrown out of the house for his misbehaviour and tendency of stealing small valuables from the house.

The investigating officers had got hold of video footages of two surveillance cameras installed outside the house situated just opposite the residence of the victims.

Police saw in the footage that a person entered the victim Ramratan Agarwal’s house with his face covered around 11.15 pm last Thursday. The person was carrying a bag and knocked on the door of the house. The caretaker Ganesh opened the door thinking that Ramratan had returned. The accused then hit Ganesh on the head with the heavy rod that he had in the bag. Ganesh fell unconscious and died from excessive bleeding.

Nirmal then killed Ramratan’s wife Manju in a similar manner by hitting her on the back of her head. Her body was found on the staircase of the house. 

Returning home, Ramratan found the main gate of the house locked from the inside and no one was responding despite him knocking several times. He then entered the house through the door of the garage.

The accused attacked him as soon as he entered the garage and parked the motorbike inside. Nirmal hit him Ramratan on the head with the rod and then slit his throat to ensure his death. He left the house after spending two hours in finding out valuables. He decamped with cash and some jewellery.

Police came to know about the rude nature of the accused after speaking to the victims’ elder daughter and daughter of another domestic help of the house.

Police came to know that though he had been fired from his job six months ago, Manju had once again engaged him for four days from July 12 to 16, as some guests had turned up in their house.
But he had demanded Rs 2000 for the job and misbehaved with the businessman’s spouse as she gave him only Rs 200.



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