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‘CIA may have been on ground in Pak for Osama’

In a new revelation, it has now emerged that some CIA operatives might have been on the ground around Osama bin Laden’s house during the 38-minute raid in which the world’s most dreaded terrorist was killed in Abbottabad.
As per the Pakistan Army Board of Enquiry, which deposed before the Abbottabad Commission, the US stealth helicopters were probably guided by ground operators who were already in place around bin Laden’s compound.

‘In this regard there were reports of ‘suspicious activities’ indicating CIA ground support for the planning and implementation of the raid,’ said the Commission report, leaked by Al Jazeera channel.

‘These included the cutting down of trees to clear the approach of the helicopters, the hiring of a house in the vicinity of the OBL compound by supposed USAID employees, and the movement of four to five Prado/Land Cruisers from the US Embassy in Islamabadtowards Peshawar/Abbottabad,’ the report said.

‘The US embassy personnel coming from Islamabad and seen headed towards Abbottabad may have been CIA agents to assist,’ it said.
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