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Chulbul Pandey rocks it

It is not often that Bollywood manages to create a new franchise after the Khiladi and the No.1 series’ that had box offices ringing for quite a while. They had probably not predicted Dabangg. Chulbul Pandey returns to 70mm with a bang and he has all the paraphernalia to keep it going. Will there be a Dabangg 3 we are not sure, but this one is enjoyable enough.

After Lalganj, Kanpur is Chulbul Pandey’s (Salman Khan) new battleground. He moves to the new crime hub with his family in tow and assures everyone there that they will surely be entertained! What more could you ask from a police officer? And especially when it is someone like our beloved Pandeyji!

After dealing with Cheddi Singh (Sonu Sood) in the last episode — Chulbul takes on Bachcha Thakur (Prakash Raj) — and his gang of political thugs which includes Chunni (Deepak Dobriyal). Dobriyal comes in an avatar very similar to the one he played in Gulaal, but has more screen time in Dabangg 2.

So while Chulbul must deal with his father (Vinod Khanna) and brother Makkhi (Arbaaz Khan), Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha) is also pregnant — as hinted at the end of Dabangg. A family just brought together and an opponent who won’t hesitate to take the dirtiest way to harm Chulbul. The swords are drawn.

While cross references abound, Robin Hood Pandey has no qualms in carrying on with his signature action moves that puts a
Khiladi 786
to shame (Really! We aren’t kidding). He gets justice, but as always — in his own way.

His enemies fly, bounce and get grievously injured by the flick of his hand, Chulbul is a rockstar. But unfortunately for Chulbul, his enemy this time plays it dirty, and how.

So when Chunni tries to abduct a girl from her wedding, Chulbul steps in and kills him. The fact that Chunni is Bachcha Thakur’s brother — gets some nerves rattled in Kanpur’s political scenario and then there is no looking back. From Bachcha’s mentor (who looks suspiciously like Narendra Modi, don’t ask us why!) to the seniors in the department — they all must set back when the top fighters draw their swords.

Sonakshi Sinha as Rajjo fits in her role perfectly, she’s pretty much there for the songs. Otherwise she doesn’t have too much of a role in the movie. In fact, this time round, like last time Vinod Khanna and Arbaaz Khan have meatier chunks to work on. Prakash Raj gives you the shivers, he beats Sonu Sood to the T and when he says ‘Main Cheddi Singh nahin hoon..’, he means business.

Action sequences are brilliant, in slow motion it is our Indian version of Hulk beating the baddies up and of course there has to be one shirtless scene in the movie. It is Salman Khan after all. However, at times the legend of Chulbul Pandey seems to be a tad bit over stretched, referred to oft too much and a slight drag. But it works for
Dabangg 2.

We however, sincerely wish that the songs did not come in as often as they did. We thought Bollywood had learned to weave in the songs. Dabangg 2 forgets that logic. It is not that the songs are not nice, but they hamper the storyline and on those grounds they are a bit unnecessary.

Comic timings are flawless, but we are just wondering why English is used half as much as it is, a bad hangover of Bol Bachchan is it? Salman kills it with his one liners, he always has.

However, all little flaws aside, Dabangg 2 rocks it. Really it does. You will enjoy it as much as you enjoyed Dabangg, if not less. Guaranteed. And the background score is quite impressive, as an aside; We give it a 3.5 because of too many songs. We must add, Kareena looks hot but Malaika would have sufficed.
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