‘Choice of food is personal matter of an individual’

Condemning the Dadri lynching incident, the West Bengal government on Wednesday said <g data-gr-id="22" style="color: #3b3b3b; font-size: 11px;">choice</g> of food is the personal matter of an individual.

“Our government is condemning the Dadri incident. We believe in secularism and all religions as equal. We strongly protest any attempt to hurt religious feelings,” state minister Firhad Hakim told reporters at the state secretariat.

Pointing out that every individual enjoys constitutional rights in India, he said <g data-gr-id="23">food</g> was a matter of personal choice.

“Who will eat beef, who will eat meat - is their personal matter. We can’t interfere. We protest strongly against such incidents,” the state urban development minister said.

Stating that instances like Dadri would not be allowed in West Bengal, he said the government was keeping an eye.

“Freedom of speech, food, culture, religion is protected in West Bengal. I thank the people for this,” Hakim added. 


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