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Chloe Grace Moretz clarifies squads comments

Chloe Grace Moretz clarifies squads comments
Moretz said she meant no ill will towards the pop star and the headlines were twisted. “What actually happened was they asked me about the question of the word ‘squad’. What I said was I don’t like the word squad because it does create exclusivity. 

But it was never against Taylor, and it was never against her squad,” Moretz said on Monday’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’. Moretz, 19 added that her quotes were taken out of context because “social media and the public” likes turning “women against women, which has been happening for years.” When asked whether she was actually invited into Swift’s group, Moretz said, “It wasn’t about Taylor Swift. 

It was never about Taylor. They just enjoyed turning Taylor against me, because it creates good headlines.” 
Moretz said of squads, “They appropriate exclusivity. They’re cliques!” During the same interview, she said she was asked to join Swift’s squad but declined to elaborate any further.
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