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Chit funds were encouraged by CPI-M, alleges Mukul Roy

The ruling Trinamool Congress general secretary Mukul Roy said on Sunday that it is the CPI(M) and not the TMC which was responsible for the proliferation of chit funds in the state. ‘Chit funds have been flourishing since the 80s.We have been running the state only for the last two years’, said Roy, assuring that those guilty of the scam will be punished.

The West Bengal government has ordered the arrest of its Chairman and Managing Director Sudipta Sen though he is still on the run. One of the group’s directors was, however, arrested on Saturday. Over the last few days, several of Saradha Group’s offices across the state have shut down and many of its cheques have bounced. With a huge default in repayments, the group is  on the verge of collapse, thousands have lost their jobs.

Several chit fund agents have committed suicide in Bengal's districts after news of the Saradha group going bust went viral. Trinamool MP Kunal Ghosh has, however, denied that his party chief and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee had any links with the chit fund company Saradha Group that has gone bust. ‘There no question of any link between that group and the chief minister,’ he said, speaking to a tv channel.

Baying for the ruling TMC's blood, the ex Finance Minister Asim Dasgupta accused that the state government is not doing enough to control the situation. He called for the Centre to intervene and if necessary initiate a CBI inquiry. ‘Why is the state Government not attaching the property of the group?Why is there delay in arresting the group head?’ said Dasgupta. Mukul Roy’s repartee was simple, ‘After putting the TMC government in such a  quandary-– by incurring debts worth Rs 2lakh 6000 crore – how can the CPIm level such charges?’.
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