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Chiranjeet to play lead role in Guhamanab, build cultural hub in Barasat

The two-time MLA is also building a cultural hub in his constituency—where residents can avail of an auditorium, display their paintings and converse over coffee.

Chiranjit, who acted in films like in Shororipu (2016)and Chotushkone (2014) before this, plays the title role of Batakrishna Roy, a sturdily-built man in his 50s who has recently retired from the armed forces. His wife, Sushmita, passed away just a few months ago. IPS officer Saju is occupied with his demanding job while his wife Pinky is stuck in the rigorous routine of her life that centres on her fitness regimen and studies while Batu, a lonely soul, nurtures his physique with care — honed by running at the Lakes twice a day. Sometimes, he meets his dead wife, Sushmita, in a reverie and they converse. “I am looking at five other scripts, now that the film Guhamanob is complete. But I do not allow my acting career to impede my political career in any way. I attend the Bidhan Sabha regularly and also nurture my constituency well”, Chiranjeet told Millennium Post. 

On a peaceful morning with everything following a set routine, there is a sudden gas leakage at their apartment. Saju, Dharam, the manservant and Pinky, run for their lives but Batu, in his characteristic calm manner, saves the day by replacing the cap in the cylinder. Amidst all this, Sushmita’s friend Aparajita comes back to India after a long time. It doesn’t take Pinky too long to understand how besotted Aparajita is with Batu. Aparajita’s unrestrained behaviour adds to Pinky’s restlessness. Her interest in the physical excitement of a new marriage is slowly fading.

Pinky’s dreams are invaded by a mysterious caveman. That shrouded persona appears somewhat familiar to her. In the end, Pinky sees everything clearly, she knows now who that caveman is....with a heart laden heavy with guilt, Pinky stands in front of Batu, confessing her feelings. But Batu is unique–-he comforts her and leaves. The film has been directed by Paramita Munsi.

Chiranjeet has also finished director Aniket Chattopadhyay’s film revolving around the Bengali sleuth, Kiriti Roy. The filmmaker attempts Bengali author Nihar Ranjan Gupta’s creation Kiriti Roy that also marks the sleuth’s debut on celluloid. Chiranjit has stepped into the shoes of private eye Kiriti Roy, with Anjana Basu playing his wife Krishna and Sujan Mukhopadhyay his assistant. The film also stars Swastika Mukherjee, who will be playing an Anglo-Indian.

The MLA is also planning to build a cultural hub in Barasat which will be equipped with an auditorium, an exhibition hall and a cafeteria at a budget price. With the cost of the project valued at a few crore rupees, the actor turned politician plans to approach the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for support. 
Chiranjeet said: “After coming to power, I have rebuilt a park, a historic pond and am now trying to gift the people of my constituency a multi-purpose cultural centre where they can fulfil all their recreation needs”.
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