Chiranjeet hoping for an encore in Barasat

Chiranjeet hoping for an encore in Barasat
Actor Chiranjeet Chakraborty has earned many acclaims for his wonderful performances on the silver screen and he is confident of winning the hearts of people in Barasat.

Most of the people here have said that he is undoubtedly a polished gentleman and a good MLA who has carried out many developmental works during his tenure of past five years. However, Chiranjeet had promised that he would stay at this constituency if he was elected as an MLA one which he had failed to keep. The Opposition parties are therefore trying to level him as an outsider. They were trying to convince people that Chakraborty was not always available in his constituency and hence this time people should vote for the local candidates who will always stand by their side in the need of the hour. However, the logic does not seem to be convincing enough to the people. 

Sanjeeb Chatterjee, Forward Block candidate is hopeful that people will vote for him this time around. Top Congress leaders like Manas Bhuniya, former Union minister Joyram Ramesh has campaigned for him. But they do not have any real issue to impress upon the people that a change is necessary this time. 

People have seen how Barasat has changed in last five years. A sewer line which was a long standing demand of the people has been set up. This has resolved the waterlogging problems. The roads were elevated and the conditions were improved. There are proper lights at each and every corner with the high mast lamps at various important points.

From his MLA fund Chkarborty has improved the condition of schools. Funds were allotted for development of infrastructure in the schools and Barasat district hospital. Law and order situation was improved as separate police stations were bifurcated out of Barasat police station for the better policing. A rest room has been set up at Barasat Hospital as people used to face inconveniences during rain. An escalator came up with the financial assistance from the MP. Lot of funds were allotted for the betterment of roads and people are getting purified drinking water.

Chiranjeet said: "I have spent 100 per cent from my MLA fund. We have carried out developments under ‘Tridhara’ ~ in which funds were generated from MP fund and also the Barasat municipality."

Forward Block and Congress alliance will hardly make any impact in the elections as it was an unholy alliance and people will not accept it, Chiranjeet said. 

Though there were a sizeable number of potential BJP votes which will be a determining factor. It may be mentioned that during the last Lok Sabha elections, PC Sarkar had a second lead from Barasat Assembly constituency. 

But this time they will not cast their votes in favour of Bithika Mondal who is contesting from here in BJPs ticket. After the Lok Sabha election, Mondal had joined BJP from Forward Block. She was a former MLA from Barasat. With the Modi wave non-existent, the potential BJP votes will transfer either to Trinamool Congress candidate Chiranjeet or to the alliance. It is expected that Chiranjeet will be able get a major portion. 

On the other hand the organisation of Forward Block has eroded over time and the Congress has no organisation here. Around 3 per cent vote that Congress had will hardly make any major impact.

During the last Assembly election Chakraborty won by a margin of 40,211 votes. The developments that were done will secure him a victory, Chakraborty believes.
Pradip Chatterjee

Pradip Chatterjee

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