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Chinese do not have military bases in Pak, Lanka: Parrikar

Chinese do not have military bases in Pak, Lanka: Parrikar
The defence minister’s statement in Parliament on Friday negated that information. However, the defence ministry stated that the government “is aware of Chinese involvement in commercial infrastructural projects such as port development, construction of oil and gas pipelines and building of highways in these countries.

Earlier, there were reports that the Chinese were also deploying Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) personnel in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, to be training with troops of the country. There were also reports that the PLA may be taking over outposts along the international border with India from Pakistan Rangers.

Parrikar has not parted with any such information while replying a question by member of Parliament, Shri Ninong Ering.

The government also said, it “Keeps a constant watch on all developments concerning our national security and commercial interests and takes all necessary measures to safeguard them in accordance with the prevailing security and strategic considerations.  Capability enhancement and capability creation through modernisation and acquisition of new (military) assets is an ongoing process.”

Base Hospital Conducts Eye Camp

On the occasion of glaucoma awareness week, the Department of Ophthalmology of Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt, organised an interactive seminar for the serving army personnel of Delhi Cantt. There were multiple presentations by the ophthalmologists to increase the awareness of glaucoma among the general population.
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