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China strikes huge gas field in tense South China Sea

China on Tuesday announced the discovery of a huge gas field in the politically charged South China Sea that could yield over 100 billion cubic metres of natural gas, raising its stakes in the waters claimed by several South East Asian nations.

The Lingshui 17-2, approved as a large-scale gas field by Ministry of Land and Resource, was discovered 150 kilometres south of China's southernmost island of Hainan.

State-run China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) said Lingshui 17-2's average operational depth is 1,500 metres below the sea surface.

The company's deepwater drilling rig CNOOC 981 discovered Lingshui 17-2, the country's first self-support deepwater gas field, in September 2014, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.
Xie Yuhong, a manager with CNOOC, said the approved gas reserves of Lingshui 17-2 will help the corporation build a gas trunk line to connect other gas fields in the SCS, so as to meet the huge gas
demand of southern provinces, Hong Kong and Macao.
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