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China, Japan should end dispute in interest of economy, says IMF chief

The shaky global economy needs Japan and China to be fully engaged, the head of the IMF said, warning the world could not afford for the two countries to be distracted by their bitter territorial row.

Speaking to Japanese media ahead of the annual IMF meeting in Tokyo next week, said the two economic powerhouses needed to show a bit of neighbourly tolerance for the good of the whole world.

'Both China and Japan are key economic drivers that do not want to be distracted by territorial division,' Kyodo News agency quoted Lagarde as telling reporters in Washington, in an interview published on Wednesday. 'The current status of the economy and the global economy needs both Japan and China fully engaged,' she said.

China and Japan, the world's second and third largest economies, are at loggerheads over a group of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea. Tokyo administers the chain under the name Senkakus, but they are claimed by Beijing, which calls them the Diaoyus.

Increasingly vitriolic diplomatic exchanges, including at the United Nations in New York last week, and mass anti-Japanese protests in several Chinese cities have further unsettled the pair's already fractious relationship.
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