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China fast turning into bachelors & spinsters’ nation

China is quickly becoming a country of bachelors and spinsters as its unmarried population touched a whopping 200 million last year with a new survey pointing out that over 36 per cent of single women prefer to stay unwed.

While media outlets and government bodies are worried about the consequences caused by the so-called wave of singledom, demographers believe the trend will only grow in the future, state-run People’s Daily reported today.

Among the 200 million unmarried men and women in China, over 58 million are living on their own.

The unmarried population in China skyrocketed from six per cent in 1990 to 14.6 per cent of the population in 2013.

Demographers believe that the independence of modern Chinese women is one of the main causes of the growing unmarried population. According to research conducted by Tencent in 2016, 36.8 per cent of single Chinese women believe marriage is not necessary to live happy lives.

“Traditionally, a woman is expected to stay at home, taking care of her husband and children. Without income, women were tied to their marriages and husbands. In modern times, women can also have an income, which allows them to choose to be single,” Li Yinhe, a leading Chinese sexologist, told Reference News.

Echoing Li, Su Cen, an expert in gender studies, said Chinese women nowadays prioritise emotional connection over material wealth. Most women would not force themselves to accept a marriage devoid of affection.

Though demographers believe that the single boom will become even more pronounced in the future, the concept of marriage is still highly valued in Chinese society. 
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