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China bans fishing along China-Russia boundary river

China has imposed a fishing ban in the Heilongjiang River, a boundary river between China and Russia to regenerate breeding of Salmon. The fishing ban, started on October 1 and part of a 55-day annual ban period, aims to protect fish spawning and breeding.

Fishing along the China stretch of the Wusuli River, a tributary emptying into Heilongjiang, was also banned simultaneously, state-run Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday.

A major birthplace of Salmon, Heilongjiang River witnesses the salmon migration in fall, during which flocks of salmon swim back from the Pacific Ocean to their natal river to spawn.

Border police officer Tu Lei with the Tongjiang City of Heilongjiang Province in northeast China said that the number of salmon has increased markedly thanks to improving water quality.

Fishery management officials have been on duty around- the-clock to inspect each vessel and prevent illegal fishing.

As the fishing season is off, local fishery authority will organise the release of salmon fry as ever to boost its reproduction. Last year, 2 million salmon fry were released into the Heilongjiang and Wusuli rivers. 
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