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Children and divorce

Children and divorce
I’m 15 years old. My parents have filed a divorce. I have been asked to decide on which parent I choose to stay with.  I’m shattered. I can’t imagine this! Please help.
Name unknown, Noida
I’m really sorry to hear that but they must be getting separated for their reasons. You have to handle yourself with utmost care as you are special. Concentrate on activities that make you feel good – sport, friends, books, movies. Think both from your head and heart and decide on your choice. Living with one doesn’t mean that you will be completely detached from the other. You must spend time with both your parents according to your will. If you think, you can also opt for a residential school away from your present location. New environment might be the best option. 
Convey your decision accordingly. Cheer up. Stay happy.

I have seen a couple of blue films and since then I am always thinking of erotic scenes. I’m in High school and feel desperate. I don’t have any girlfriend. What can I do?
Vishal, New Delhi
At your age, this is normal. The hormones act and react. But, concentrating on studies is a priority. Don’t neglect that. After just a couple of <g data-gr-id="75">years</g> you will realise how important degrees and career is. I’m sure, very soon you will find your girlfriend but please don’t jump into any physical relationship until you are sure about your partner. 

Don’t get desperate as it might lead you to wrong roads. Enjoy life and <g data-gr-id="74">its</g> moments.

I have studied in a Hindi medium school. Now I face major issues with spoken English. How can I improve myself?
Shyam Prasad, Haryana
You can always enroll in a spoken English class. Alongside, watch English channels, read the English newspapers and read it aloud. Whenever possible, talk to your friends and family in English. It’s your confidence that will yield the maximum result. So even if you make mistakes initially, don’t stop. Focus on your goal to learn it and I’m sure it will be achieved soon.

I am 20, my parents are adamant to get me engaged to a family friend’s son. I don’t want it. How to get out of this situation. Please help!
Prakriti, Dehradun
Just put your foot down if you don’t want it. If need be, speak to the guy and tell him. May be, he too is also unsure but is unable to deny the parental pressure! If you are unable to convince, get engaged on a condition – you will not marry before five years. 

During which, understand him, analyse whether you like him enough to marry him. If there’s anything wrong, then take it up with your family. Good luck dear!

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