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Cheryl Cole likes to work out

Singer Cheryl Cole likes to work out regularly as she says it is the only time she can get away from the pressure and stresses in her life.

‘I love exercising. There is a lot of stress and pressure in my job, so when I have those two hours to myself I feel I can shut the rest of the world out. I don’t have my phone, just loud music, and it feels good when I release endorphins through exercise,’ quoted Cole as saying. Along with exercising, she insists on eating healthy.

‘I don’t care what anyone tells you, there is no such thing as being able to eat whatever you want. I think it’s really important to eat healthily and it makes such a difference to your energy. The tour has altered my workout regime as I dance full out on the stage so I don’t need to do as much cardio or I would be tired for the stage — I have to keep some energy for the performance,’ she said.
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