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Cheat faked own death to mislead police?

As twists go, this one takes the cake. Delhi police, who earlier identified a chopped body, waist down, as that of a conman who cheated people posing as IB official, now think that the entire thing could have been faked so that the conman could escape law and the anger of those he had cheated.  

In August 2010, the chopped body was found near an isolated land in Hazrat Nizamuddin in south-east Delhi. Two years after the murder, the Delhi police has found clues, which has led them to believe that the chopped body may not be that of Chand Pal, as identified earlier.

The police had recovered a fake Intelligence Bureau [IB] officer identity card from the chopped body. While investigating, the police found out that Chand Pal, a resident of Khanpur, used to cheat people posing as an IB officer. It was assumed that Chand Pal was killed by someone who got wind of that fact.

But as  the investigation proceeded further, the police came across evidence which points to the possibility that Pal might have played a diabolical game. In January this year, the police traced one of the phone numbers that Pal was using to Rajasthan. When the police contacted the number, they were told by the user that he got the number from a female relative living in Sangam Vihar, an area near Khanpur.

When the investigators traced the woman, they were told that she got the sim from a friend. The friend pointed to another person living in  Hapur district in Uttar Pradesh [UP]. The investigators traced that person as well, but was told that the sim was given to him by a woman from Ghaziabad in UP. But during this wild goose chase, the police has established that Pal has been on the run for sometime from those he had cheated. And that he had been a step ahead of those in pursuit of him.

Now, the police is tackling the investigation from another angle. ‘It is possible that it was a conspiracy hatched by Pal to mislead us all,’ said an investigator.
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