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Chatterjee terms CPI(M)’s rally as ‘flop show’

 MPost |  2015-12-28 02:15:20.0  |  Kolkata

Chatterjee terms CPI(M)’s rally as ‘flop show’

Trinamool Congress general secretary Partha Chatterjee on Sunday termed the CPI(M)’s rally at the Brigade Parade Ground as “flop show”.  

“CPI(M)’s rally at the Brigade Parade Ground on Sunday turned into a flop show as it was devoid of crowd. None of the speakers could speak more than five minutes,” Chatterjee said.  

While addressing the media at Trinamool Bhavan, Chatterjee lashed out at the Left Front for its 34 years of misrule. “None of their party leaders have come up with a political agenda that appears impressive enough to the people. People in the state have not forgotten the misrule and misconduct of the CPI(M)-led government in the past three decades.”

Hitting out at CPI(M)’s claim that they will return to power, Chatterjee said that more skeletons will be unearthed if they come to power and there will be a free march of “harmads” as the state had seen during their regime. Chatterjee hinted at the recovery of human skeletons at Grbeta near the house of former CPI(M) minister Sushnata Ghosh.  

“How can a party which could not do anything in the past 34 years can now say that they will do everything of comes to power. During Left Front’s rule there was no democracy in the state. They are now talking about democracy. CPI(M) leaders only looted people and made huge amount of assets.”

“Our government has taken initiatives to pass a bill by the virtue of which the people who were looted during the Left Front regime will be compensated. Those who robbed the poor people will be booked. Their illegal assets will be auctioned and money will be distributed among the poor people who had been subjected to the tyranny of the CPI-M leaders,” Chatterjee said. 

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