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Chat raises suspicion that murder might be out of envy

 MPost |  2016-07-25 00:40:54.0  |  Kolkata

Chat raises suspicion that murder might be out of envy

The police have got hold of the conversation of Aabesh and his friends in a WhatsApp group named - Panda 100 - to solve the mystery behind the murder. It led the investigating officers to an information that the victim and his friends were scheduled to attend a surprise party where the girl to whom he had proposed a few days ago was also supposed to be present.

During a conversation in the WhatsApp group, the victim had advised his childhood friend saying “…..if you want someone you’ve gotta give all your focus and attention to that person…and not be distracted…and you were too distracted today”. The conversation, however, continued with another member of the group (name cannot be disclosed as minor) replied saying “Its okay I know. 
He gets distracted around me cuz we dating”.

The victim’s friends had started leaving the group soon after the incident on Saturday night. The investigating officers were going through the call records, Facebook chat and WhatsApp conversation of Aabesh.

The police were also going through footages of surveillance cameras installed in the parking lot of Sunny Park.

A police officer said that they may question some other friends of the victim to know whether they had seen any abnormalities in him or any of their friends.

The conversation in which mainly Aabesh, his childhood friend and a girl was involved raised suspicion of the investigating officers and they suspect that “it could be a crime out of jealousy”.



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