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Charting the holy path

Charting the holy path
A dance drama, Krishna, was recently staged in the Capital  to evoke the forgotten message of brotherhood and humanity in today’s world where a brother fights brother over property and materialism in the wake of Janmashtami.

This was the 35th edition of the magnum opus directed by Shobha Deepak Singh and portrayed the journey of the god from his childhood days to when he became ‘Lord’ Krishna. ‘The first half of the dance drama is devoted to Krishna as a folk hero and in the latter half, he is  shown as a war strategist,’ says Singh.

Among the various popular episodes were Krishna Janam, Putana Moksh, Makhan Chori [which showed a young Krishna stealing butter and teasing milkmaids], Radha-Krishna Milan where the young Krishna is enamoured by Radha’s beauty and she becomes his divine consort. Kalia Daman, Holi Lila and Maan Lila where Krishna is in an intimate moment with Radha are some of the episodes that were enacted.

Govardhan Puja showcased Krishna as a life saver to the people of Vrindavan by lifting the mountain with his little finger and saving them from the heavy rains. Radhika Ashtakam, Raas Lila, Kansa Vadh and Sudama Charitra were also performed.

The second half of the ballet portrayed episodes from The Mahabharata like the Rajsuya Yagna, Draupadi Vastra Haran where Kauravas invite Pandavas to a game of dice, Krishna’s peace mission where he tries to make peace with the Kauravas.

The message of The Bhagvat Gita that the soul never dies, and merely takes some other form, Gandhari’s curse where Gandhari curses Krishna saying that even though he is Lord-incarnate, he would die as a mortal as he is responsible for killing her sons were also beautifully portrayed.

Curtains fell to Krishna’s Dhwani showcasing Krishna reassuring Gandhari that as long as he is alive she would not be childless. It was worth the watch.
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