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Charlie Sheen gives up drinking, drugs

Hollywood star Charlie Sheen says his days of drink and drug benders are over. In an interview to Sunday People, Sheen shared how he has quit drink and drug benders for good, reports 
Sheen, who revealed he was HIV positive in November, also shared that the diagnosis helped turn his life around. He said, “Now it’s exercise, diet. I don’t go on benders, don’t drink as much. It was a combination of a lot of self-loathing, a lot of shame that was behind it. I just wanted to keep myself divorced from reality. I just woke up one day and said, ‘I deserve better’.”

He also revealed a new medication to help keep his HIV in check has stopped him from experiencing crippling side effects. Charlie, who flew to Britain last week, said, “I was invited to take part in a trial study for a new drug called Pro 140. I am one of the guinea pigs. As opposed to a daily cocktail of pills, this is one shot every week. I just finished week eight and the results have been amazing. I don’t have the migraines the stomach problems and borderline dementia. I seriously believe this is the future of treatment for HIV.”


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