Changing times...

Changing times...
If you are an art lover but bored of ‘the typical’ contemporary work here’s a treat of fresh ideas and unique paintings on ongoing exhibition, Time will Tell.

To introduce young artists with an exceptional vision Art and Aesthetic art gallery has started a series of exhibitions, the first part of the same is on display at the gallery.

The exhibition consists of works by ten artists, painters and print workers including the work of British painter, Alec Cumming and award winning print artist, Vibhuti Sharma along with eight other budding artists from around the country.

The first part of exhibition celebrates the act of the creative process, where sculptors, painters and print artists are simply focusing on the emerging forms and expressions of contemporary  art. Loud colors, fresh ideas, vivid expression and the urge to do something different reflects in each painting, and are also a few points that will leave an impression on spectators mind. 

The fresh and contemporary ideas connect with the audience and redefine the concept of contemporary art work. 

These new generation of artists has brought to the viewers richness of original ideas and freshness of contemporary concepts. Art lovers will definitely connect with the  fresh and unique art work.

When:10 August  – 7 September, 11am to 7pm (Monday closed)
Where: Art and Aesthetic, F 213/A, 1st Floor, Old MB Road, Lado Sarai 


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