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Chacko rejects BJP’s demands for new draft

The Chairperson of the Join Parliamentary Committee JPC on 2G case, PC Chacko on Tuesday rejected suggestions that the JPC report was a ‘Congress report’ and ignored BJP demands for a new draft of the report.

Chacko said that ‘going by the previous five JPC reports, all those who have dissenting views with the report could submit dissenting notes.

There is no need for any changes or amendments.’ Speaking to reporters the JPC chairman ‘welcomed’ the privilege motion against him moved by the Opposition BJP and the DMK saying that the ‘leak of the report is a serious matter and needs to be probed.’

He maintained that he had not mentioned former Prime Minister A B Vajpayee in the report by name.

Rejecting Opposition BJP charges that Vajpayee’s name had been maligned by being mentioned in the report, Chacko argued that the ‘terms of reference of the Committee extend for a period from 1998 to 2004, covering the BJP era. The BJP was well aware of that and should have opposed it then itself.’ Instead Chacko said, ‘We have the highest regard for Atal Bihari Vajpayee.’

As for former telecom minister A Raja not being given the opportunity to be heard, Chacko said, ‘I have personally heard out A Raja and explained to him that proprietary demands that if he was summoned all previous telecom ministers would also have to be called.’ Chacko added that as a special concession, ‘Raja was asked to make his submission in writing and he did – a 16 page note. If he was not agreeable to it, he would not have done so.’

Raja had only on Monday further submitted a 102 page letter to Chacko, the contents of which the JPC chairman says was already lying with the committee.

Rejecting suggestions that the UPA was in a ‘minority’ in the committee, Chacko said, ‘Its not a question of majority or minority numbers. It’s a parliamentary committee. This is the fifth JPC and all have adopted the report with dissenting notes in the past.’

Chacko also refuted Opposition demands for a new draft saying that the BJP wanted not a new draft but a new committee itself that was amenable to them.

‘Nobody in the JPC can accuse me of any wrongdoing. The committee had authorised me to make the draft,’ asserted Chacko. The JPC is slated to meet on 25 April to discuss and adopt the report.  
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