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CESC observes Central Safety Day to spread awareness on safety norms

Calcutta Electricity Supply Corporation (CESC) observed Central Safety Day on Tuesday and Wednesday to spread awareness about safety norms during electrical installations and other related works.

This is the third consecutive year that CESC has organised the centralised safety awareness drive, where about 1,300 employees from 18 establishments of CESC participated in the drive at Science City Auditorium.

Unit safety days were observed at various departments of CESC throughout the year, along with a two-month Road Show conducted for consumer awareness on fire and electrical hazards across the city with the help of CESC mobile vans.

“By conducting the Central Safety Day, CESC has shown special interest and commitment towards the safety of its employees and workers, thereby including them in the worksite safety revolution. I sincerely thank CESC for this noble initiative. CESC is exceptional as an organisation which itself is not only alert but also conducts such seminars on worksite safety for the safekeeping of employees and workers,” said state Power minister Sobhandeb Chatterjee.

Aniruddha Basu, MD, CESC, said: “With participation from everybody, the issue of safety is getting more attention. Accidents may happen for lack of knowledge and skill. Accidents are not just to be discussed in hindsight. In the current scenario, consumers have become used to with certain service benchmarks.”

CESC also organised an exhibition where various personal protective equipment (PPE), like six types of gloves, safety helmet with in-built torch and double lanyard safety belts, were displayed. A unique gadget designed by a team at CESC sub-Stations department, called ‘Remote Earthing System’, was also on display.

To spread awareness among consumers, CESC also visited various educational institutes in and around Kolkata, including nine madrasas and 20 high Schools. Officials also visited Presidency University, where safety measures were examined and demonstrated to the Registrar, professors, students and fire-fighting staff of the University.
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