‘Centre reduced contribution for various projects with state’

In reply to a question in Assembly on Wednesday, Hakim said that the Centre used to contribute a major share for the projects like Nirmal Bangla Housing Scheme.

He said that the cost of developing a unit of Nirmal Bangla Housing project is Rs 13,312. The Centre used to bear Rs 4,000 of the project cost and rest of the money was contributed by the state government and the local civic body.

The Centre now has reduced its share of contribution drastically.The situation was quite similar in case of the project that ensures housing for all. The Centre earlier used to give Rs 1.50 lakh for each unit when the total cost is Rs 3.68 lakh. The Centre’s contribution was of around 40 to 45 per cent. But, now it has been brought down to Rs 18 per cent.

The Centre has also reduced its contribution in Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY). Earlier, the share of the Centre was 75 per cent of the total project cost, while the state had to give 25 per cent.

Now, the situation is completely opposite. The Centre is now giving only 25 per cent of the project cost.

The reduction of allotting by for different projects by the Centre has left an impact on the state’s exchequer. But the state government has not stopped any of the projects.

He further said that the state government has allotted more funds to the civic bodies which were being run by Opposition parties. Hakim said that Islampur Municipality has received Rs 3.56 crore in the past five years compared to that of Rs 1.98 crores during the last five years of the Left Front government.

Kandi Municipality, which is also being run by the Opposition party, has received Rs 7.78 crores in the past five years. It had received only Rs 1.11 crores from 2006 to 2011. Siliguri Municipal Corporation is also not an exception.

While civic bodies like Tarakeswar Municipality and Balurghat Municipality, which are being run by the ruling party, had received Rs 2.14 crores and Rs 6.06 crores respectively.

In the past five years, 50 water projects were constructed. Left Front had set up only 10 per cent of it. The present government had also cleared the due electricity bills of Rs 848 crore of all civic bodies.


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