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Celebrating the colours of life

Imagine a world without money, where there is real self-expression, art, love, and total acceptance - sounds like utopia, doesn’t it? Well, that’s Tattva for you! The magic of Tattva, a three-day residential festival, is being created for the fourth time at Zorba the Buddha, New Delhi. The festival will begin with the celebration of Holi on March 6, resplendent with herbal colours, flowers, dhol and drums and will continue till March 8. 

Tattva –in Sanskrit means ‘reality’ or ‘truth’ – is a celebration of one’s true self without the embellishments of ego, money and social status. It is about going back to the basics -  where the reality of our self exists in its pure, elemental form.

Ashwin Bharti, Director, Zorba the Buddha says, “This is a very special festival, which is co-created by everyone attending. Participants gift workshops like dance, theatre, art and craft, painting, pottery and more, they create coffee corners, food cooked in the community kitchen, art installations and a whole lot of love! There is no money involved for participation in the festival. Everyone only pays subsidised contribution for the stay and meals. In the spirit of creativity and madness, a lot of scholarships are given out to artists!”

People from different walks of life - home makers, artistes, musicians, office goers, expats, facilitators, diplomats - come together to celebrate the individual and the whole with music, dance, art, food, bonding and a whole array of workshops and activities and live together like one big happy family.

This weekend festival is a joyful experience of self-exploration, where participants will be able to give free vent to their creativity in the field of their choice. Here, you will be spoilt for choices with two workshops running simultaneously.

Participants/facilitators offer sessions of pottery-making, dancing, singing, meditation, yoga, Sufi-whirling, painting, cooking and much more. Participants may choose to volunteer for community care by sharing skills in artistic projects, cooking, food service, designing, gardening, cleaning, etc.

Zorba the Buddha offers around 200 workshops, events and festivals in an year. Periodically, they also offer classes in painting, sculpture, pottery, yoga, ikebana, photography, creative writing, meditation, theatre, dance, tai chi, ayurveda and much more. Tattva Festival celebrates life in all its
colours, accepting you for who you are.

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