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Celebrating Manto on stage

Celebrating Manto on stage
Manto would have turned 100 this May if he had not sccumed to alcoholism and a failed liver at 42. Nangi Awaazain adapted into a play by Dramaco Arts was first performed at Studio Safdar, 10th of this month.

As the play opens we see a young man who lives in a cramped housing society where only guards of privacy are thin curtains. He watches through these thin, non-existent partitions the intimate lives of couples and yearns for the same martial bliss. But when finally he is married he is plagued by the paranoia as he is acutely aware of possiblity of other people peeping through. The cast consisted of FTII, Pune graduated Rahul Yadav, Sushant Kandya, Shruti Sharma and Kunal Pant. All the female characters were played by  Shruti Sharma.

The screenplay, written by Rajesh Tiwari, has kept the main element of narration that was running throughout the story.  

Though Manto was socially termed as an obscene writer, director Rajesh Tiwari, defends him saying, ‘Manto himself accepted that he is not someone who writes beyond society. The vulgar element in society can be seen everywhere. I personally feel that this is a story is one of the most amazing stories I have come across. What made me choose this is that this is not about particular people or particular scenarios,’ said Rajesh.
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