Celebrating Indian classical music

Celebrating Indian classical music
A vocal recital by Ujwal Nagar, accompanied by renowned flautist Rohit Prasanna and ace Sitar player Soumitra Thakaur, will speak of the evolving picture of Indian classical music.

 Ujwal, incidentally the lead vocalist of Advaita band, who is known for his experimental yet traditional outlook towards music, has maintained the sanctity of this traditional art.  

Greatly appreciated by classical music connoisseurs, his appealing voice texture and intricate sargam patterns indicate the depth of his growing musical maturity. Having performed at places like Thailand, South Africa, UK, Europe and Brazil, Ujwal, has made a name for himself in the international scenario through his diligence and hard work. 

A performer to reach to the heart of the audience needs remarkable command over layakari and inner connection while performing. The music heritage must be imbibed intricately along with the development of a keen sense of sur and taal, and Sitar virtuoso Rohit Prasanna possesses them along with polished tonal grace, rhythmic elegance, and lucidity of expression. 

Hailing from a family of legendary flautists, Rohit is trained and groomed under the late Pandit Raghunath Prasanna and father Ravi Shankar Prasanna. Adding his own dedication and finesse to this art, he through painstaking practice, assiduous assimilation and erudite presentation, has created a niche for himself. 

 A scholar of Sahitya Kala Parishad, he will be performing his own distinct style today. The evening will witness another ace performer, Soumitra Thakaur, who hails from Bishnupur gharana, and is the student of sitar maestro, Pt. Kushal Das. 

Reflecting the styles of famous Maihar and the Imdadkhani Etawah Gharana, he will perform an interesting amalgamation of symphonies from Carnatic and Hindustani Classical genres.


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