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Celebrate your body type!

I am 25 yrs of age and married to a Bengali. My first anniversary is next week. There will be a small get together, and my mother-in-law wants me to dress up in the traditional way but I am not used to a saree. Please help.

Congratulations in advance for your anniversary. Well, there are times when we do certain things to make others happy. But if you follow certain thumb rules, even you will feel good. Remember, it’s the first marriage anniversary and not wedding again, so stay away from Benarasi. What you can choose is from a wide range of kanjeevarams, ikkats, tissue silk or Chanderis. Play around with the cut of your blouse, but I don’t think it will be a very good idea to be too experimental. And since summers have set in, go easy on jewellery.

My husband and I have been throwing a post holi bash for years. Most of our friends are used to seeing me in a Patiala or saree everytime. But is it possible to surprise them next time by wearing something new?

Well, the post holi bash sounds exciting. But since it’s your party, you will have to move around, attend the guests. Why not choose a flowy skirt teamed with a nice kurti and complete the look with a scarf or stole. You can also think of comfortable trousers.

While rummaging through fashion magazines, I can see the presence of monochromes everywhere. But please guide how to make a fashion statement instead of looking like a dalmation?

Well, it’s true black and white is everywhere now, and they make quite a statement if worn well. Be careful of mixing one standout piece or colour with this combo. You can also choose from neon coloured accessories, if it’s a casual outing. But remember not to overdo.

I am pear shaped and my bottom is much more curvy in my upper part. And it often happens that my clothes draw more attention to my bottom. Is there a trick to mask  this consciousness?

Well, always remember to choose darker colours for the part you want to hide, and brighter shades for the ones you want to highlight. And you team with it a nice bright coloured top. You will notice the problem gets solved a lot. Also another advice will be to celebrate your body types,  rather than masking it!

I have been entrusted with the responsibility of buying accessories needed by my best friend for herwedding. Please help?

Being a part of friend’s wedding is always a great idea. What you will have to keep in mind is your friend is still young, and it’s always important to allow her freshness come through, rather than decking her up. Invest in pieces which are timeless, like a scarf, a good bag, a nice clutch. Keep a couple of options in shoes as well, like wedges, heels and flats. Invest in a good timepiece.

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