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CBSE’s nod to ‘waves of change’

CBSE’s nod to ‘waves of change’
The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) launches its Waves of Change programme along with its first ever National School Sanitation Awards in the national capital on Wednesday.

CBSE in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Ministry of Urban Development (MOUD) has introduced the ‘National School Sanitation Initiative (NSSI)’ with the aim to inculcate good sanitation habits among the school children in order to acquaint, inspire and celebrate excellence towards School Sanitation.

M M Pallam Raju HRD Minister said, ‘The provision of safe water and sanitation facilities in schools is an unassailable imperative, benefiting both the education system nationally and the overall health the nation. Children are future parents, and what they learn is likely to be applied during the rest of their lives. School children themselves can influence the behavior of their friends and siblings outside the school and thereby positively influence the community as a whole.’

The National School Sanitation Initiative (NSSI) was launched under the initiative to make mandatory for all schools to focus on the practical aspects of sanitation in its right perspective, laying emphasis on personal hygiene, proper sanitation, clean toilet habits, safe drinking water, separate toilets for girl students, disposal of waste water, waste water recycling, waterless urinals, waste segregation and composting, food hygiene, creation and conservation of green spaces etc.

Renowned Bollywood actor, Aamir Khan, has been the Brand Ambassador for school sanitation programme. Aamir Khan has been associated with many social causes and now he joined hands with CBSE to make sure that each and every school in the country have proper sanitation.

The event ambassador of the programme was the ace cricketer Krishnamachari Srikkanth. The former captain of the Indian cricket team is an engineer by qualification and graduated from the College of Engineering, Guindy in Chennai.

Highlighting the need to have proper sanitation in schools in India, specially the rural parts of the country, Srikkanth said, ‘Wave of Change is the need of the hour for our country. Sanitation should be taken not as a task but as a way of life. If we can make sure that our homes are clean then why not we do the same for our environment do. Schools are the best platform to inculcate these values in students who are future of our nation’. He also facilitated the Sanitation pledge taken by all the school students and teachers participating in the programme.

R Bhattacharya, Secretary – School education and Literacy, Government of India, said, ‘Maintaining clean environment around us will help future generations take care of their own health and that of the society. WoC is an commendable efforts taken by GIZ, CBSE and the two government ministries to make sure that the nation witnesses a brighter and cleaner future’.

Vineet Joshi, Chiarman CBSE said, ‘WoC is just a start. We are sure that if all schools pledge to train their students to importance of sanitation, our dream of a cleaner future will be a reality’.
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