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CBSE seeks lawyers to teach senior school students basic tenets of law

After introducing Legal Studies as a new subject in the curriculum for class XI and XII students, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is on the look out for lawyers to teach the subject. 'Teachers should have regular degree in LLB, as well as in LLM in order to be eligible to teach the subject' said a CBSE senior official .
The official on the condition of anonymity said, ‘Law is not only about restrictions and regulations. This legal awareness should help one to gain benefits and avoid pitfalls in life.’

Prospective teachers are required to have minimum qualification of a regular Bachelor degree in Law or Master's Degree in Political Science and secondly a regular Master's Degree in Law (LLM) or Bachelor of Education or its equivalent.

The idea behind the introduction of the subject is to provide a background of the evolution of the Indian legal system in a short and concise form, to focus on the applicability of justice, equity and good conscience and more importantly the development of the common law system in India, to provide exposure to various systems of law such as Common Law, Civil Law, Hindu Law and Islamic Law and to develop an understanding of the essential features of the Indian Constitution, including the role and importance of Fundamental Rights, Separation of Powers, structure and operation of courts, concept of precedent in judicial functioning, and the process of legislation.
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