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CBSE asks schools to follow NCERT books

 Varun Bidhuri |  2013-05-29 00:04:06.0  |  New Delhi

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has asked all its affiliated schools to follow the ‘Affiliation by Bye-laws Rule 15.1’ or to follow the syllabus and text books on the basis of curriculum prescribed by National Council of Education Research Training (NCERT), for classes I-VIII.

A CBSE official said that the Board considers this to be a necessary procedure which has to be followed strictly by the schools while selecting textbooks for classes I-VIII.

The official added, ‘Some of the public schools did not follow the appropriate books and syllabus designed by NCERT and opted to go for private publishers which contained information which may not be age-appropriate and would not establish a dialogue with children. These schools are advised to constitute a committee for verifying the textbook.’

‘Over-dependence of teachers on books promotes rigidity and hampers exploration by students, therefore the NCT-2005 recommended plurality of textbooks as well as other learning aids as per the need of a school in the local context. Therefore schools are advised to procure a sufficient number of textbooks for each class in each subject for the school library’ the official added .

He also said that ‘we have asked the schools to put up a list of such books prescribed by it on its website with written declaration of their principal. The syllabus and books selected should follow the Right to Free and Compulsory Education for Children Act, 2009 (RTE) complaint’.

CBSE has also said  that in case a book followed by any school  affiliated to it is found to contain any content in violation of Rule 15.1, the school will have to take responsibility of such content and appropriate action will be taken by the Board against the management of such schools .

Varun Bidhuri

Varun Bidhuri

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