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CBI reports Dr Sachan’s death as suicide

After failing to make any major breakthrough into the mysterious death of deputy chief medical officer Dr Y S Sachan inside Lucknow’s district jail, the sleuths of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Friday filed closure report in the special CBI court saying that ‘the doctor had committed suicide’.

  The 111 page closure report was submited in the court of Special CBI judge Neelkant Mani Tripathi here on Friday. The agency said that even after taking evidences from over 100 people and going through scientific method there was no proof to show that Dr Sachan was murdered inside the jail premises. Dr Sachan was an accused for orchestrating murders of two Chief Medical Officers (Family welfare) Dr VK Arya and Dr B.P.Singh in connection with multi-crore National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) scam.  He was arrested by the Lucknow police and later found murdered inside Lucknow District jail under mysterious circumstances
on 21 June, 2011.

Sources said the CBI, who were handed over the probe reconstructed the wchain of events and also used the services of forensic experts from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to see whether Dr Sachan was murdered inside the jail. The opinion of doctors and circumstantial evidence mentioned in the report said that Dr Sachan first cut his arms’ blood vessels and then hanged himself.

CBI was handed over the case 14 month back after the state police too said that it was a case of suicide.

The agency found that Dr Sachan was under immense mental pressure because of police investigations. The
CBI also recovered a letter written by him on June 11, 2011, about 10 days before he allegedly committed suicide in Lucknow jail. In the letter, Dr Sachan had threatened to reveal the names of those involved in the killing of two former CMOs Dr Vinod Kumar Arya and Dr B P Singh. However he was later found dead in mysterious circumstances that raised eye brows.

Sources said that drawing the above conclusion that Dr Sachan committed suicide, the CBI which sought more time to solve the mystery, has finally drafted a closure report.
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