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CBI discusses 3 judicial requests including ’84 riots witness case with Canada Police

The CBI on Thursday discussed at least three pending judicial requests including one relating to 1984 anti-Sikh riots witness with Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner Bob Paulson at 17th DP Kohli Memorial Lecture in New Delhi.

The judicial requests pertain to the examination of Narinder Singh, an eyewitness to the 1984 anti-Sikhs riots, and two cases of corruption and cyber crime. Also, while Anil Sinha, CBI Director discussed about 13 extradition pleas from India including cases of drug trafficking and hacking.

India and Canada signed a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty in 1998 to facilitate assistance in criminal investigations.

Paulson, the Chief of Royal Canadian Mounted Police who has rich experience in investigation of serious and organized crime, Canadian National Security Criminal Operations and policing at various levels, discussed about the leadership and accountability that are required in the investigation agencies. 

He emphasized on the interpersonal skills of the officials and focused on the essential public trust on the organisation. Paul also talked about the innovations required in the policing including upgrading themselves technologically.

Paulson also recalled his apology to victims and witnesses of “egregious behaviour” at one of the Mounties’ top training facilities in Canada. 

Meanwhile, Anil Sinha said : “The resurgence of India on the global stage is gaining momentum and strength. The growing global connectedness of India is beginning to unfold newer and more complex challenges for law enforcement in India. Be it the white collar crimes of corruption and financial frauds, cyber crimes, terror related crimes or organized crimes, all are breaking out of national boundaries and carry a cyber component.”

He added that presently, we have nearly 392 investigation matters underway in over 66 countries and the International Component of investigations is expected to grow manifold in coming years. As the nodal agency for Transnational Organized Crime, Interpol, Anti-corruption and Bank Frauds, CBI has been alive to these unfolding challenges. We have recognized the need to enhance investigation capacity in all emerging areas of investigation and forging partnership with law enforcement agencies of major countries.
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