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On 12 September this year, the University of Delhi will go to polls. Elections to Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) have traditionally been hunting grounds for the BJP promoted Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), which this time is seeking the Modi wave to cover up for its follies and the Congress backed National Students Union of India (NSUI), which at best has taken pot-shots at ABVP for not having a political base in DU. There have been claims by ABVP, that if elected, they would  ensure safety for women but it is also ironical that right before the student polls, 11 cases of molestation have been reported from North Campus between January to August this year.

There have absolutely been no reports if ABVP even put in the smallest of efforts to identify the perpetrators and get them behind the bars. And the FYUP rollback is nobody’s brainchild.  If it wouldn’t have been the Ministry of Human Resource Development, then the impasse over this issue would have not come to any end.  

It is also amusing how political parties keep talking about austerity measures and how everybody has wanted that the cap of Rs 5,000 should be removed.  Lyngdoh committee wasn’t wrong in its recommendations. Had they been followed properly then the menace which is created when political parties start defacing city walls and furniture by pasting hideous posters with the faces of the candidates wouldn’t have been around. The problem doesn’t lie with the student bodies but is definitely an outcome of a weak, supine DU administration. Universities are considered to be temples of learning and elections are held to democratise students. However, with Delhi University, it seems like a perfect case of excessive mudslinging and nothing else.  

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