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Cat’s death proves dearer for Pak doc, sued for Rs 2.5 cr

A woman in Pakistan has sued a veterinary doctor for Rs 2.5 crore, accusing him of negligence that led to the death of her two-month-old cat.

Cat owner Sundus Hoorain, a lawyer, said she took her cat for a routine check-up to Dr Faisal Khan’s clinic here. “My cat was admitted to the hospital and I was asked to return the following day,” Hoorain said.

The same evening, when she picked her cat up from the clinic and returned home, the animal fell sick. She rushed her kitten to another doctor where it died, Dawn reported.

“Dr Rana told me my cat had been kept at a lower temperature, not suitable for mammals. This is why my cat died,” the cat owner said.

A post-mortem report submitted in the local court stated that the cause of the cat’s death was its exposure to extreme cold, dehydration and starvation.

The complainant accused Khan and one of his staff members of negligence, and asked for 25 million Pakistani rupees (USD 238,492) in fine.

Hoorain has also sought jail term for all the accused.

She made a plea to the veterinary council to install CCTV cameras in these clinics to monitor how animals are treated. The accused have been asked to submit a reply. 
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