Catch a falling Angel

Catch a  falling Angel
Bonjour India is set to conclude on a high note with the cherubic angels descending upon the earth on 31 March at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The festival in Indo French collaboration had been an exceptional experience across various disciplines in arts, science and academia.

The acrobatic artists who performed The Flying Angels show at the London Olympics 2012, will be enthralling the city on the occasion of this grand finale.

The enchanting aerial, acrobatics street circus where angels take over the cityscape making the sky best place on earth will be an wondrous experience for the children and would rejuvenate the childhood in adults.

Dressed in white, the angels engage the audience below with special charm, showering feathers.

The show, performed by Les Studios de crique is directed by Pierrot Bidon and Stephane Girard.

An ancient legend goes that every 500 years angels descend upon the earth to indulge in our worldly pleasures. The French troupe ‘Les studios de cirque’ brings this legend to life. A steel dome is erected, like an arched staircase from heaven and the acrobat-angels are suspended from the dome, flying across it, moving around it and enthralling the people gathered beneath.

As acrobats leap from one trapeze to another across the steel arches and some others land elegantly on the dome above, all of them dressed in white as angels, they engage the audience below with the special charm only circus artists have.  This show will be a wondrous experience not only for children but it will also speak to the child in adults.

Come and celebrate with us and enjoy aerial acrobatics that has never been seen before in Delhi


Place: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
Date: 31 March
Time: 7:15 pm


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