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Carrey battles lawsuits over girlfriend’s suicide

Carrey battles  lawsuits over girlfriend’s suicide
Actor Jim Carrey is battling two lawsuits accusing him of complicity in his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White’s suicide. Carrey has given the court a detailed account of his relationship with White, who died of drug overdose in September 2015, reports

He has attacked White’s mother Brigid Sweetman and White’s estranged husband Mark Burton, who also accused Carrey of supplying her with the pain killers the young woman used to end her life. Carrey’s attorneys are seeking to put the litigation on pause until White’s mother posts a $372,700 bond, which they contend will be necessary to cover the actor’s legal defence. 

The motion also included a 10-page declaration from Carrey in which he narrated the troubled relationship in deeply personal terms. Carrey said he truly cared for White but like all couples they had their ups and downs. The actor claimed that in order to obtain a Green card, White married Burton, even though she and Carrey were still dating.

According to, Carrey said that he paid for White’s housing and provided her with a stipend but turned down her request for marriage so she could avoid deportation back to Ireland. 

Earlier, White’s mother Brigid Sweetman said the actor should be ashamed of his treatment of her daughter.

He is alleged to have illegally provided her prescription drugs involved in her suicide.

White’s mother also accused him of giving her three sexually transmitted diseases. 


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