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Caretaker suspected in teacher’s murder

Caretaker suspected in teacher’s murder
Police have made some headway in the murder case of an elderly school teacher in Timarpur. The investigators have identified some persons, including the caretaker of the house, who had taken a huge amount of money as loan from the victim and was in regular contact with her. Earlier, police had suspected a friendly entry into the house.

The 62-year-old victim, Madhu Mehra, used to lend money to people and as many as 18 people have been questioned, including care aker Rajender Kumar, and one more person identified as Ashok Kumar, who taken loans from her, said a senior police officer.

‘We are investigating the case and the murderer will soon be in the police net. Several of our teams are working to solve the murder mystery,’ said Sindhu Pillai, deputy commissioner of police (North). The official said the police teams were working on all possible angles. She, however, did not ruled out the possibility of robbery.

Mehra was found strangled to death in her house on Tuesday afternoon. She had been living alone for the last several years in the  Delhi government flat located in B-block of Timarpur Teachers Colony.

Her house was not ransacked, but investigators are working on the robbery angle also, said the official. Mehra had retired from Sarvodaya Kanya Bal Vidyalaya in Nehru Vihar  two years ago but had been working on an extension. She  used to teach Science.

The incident came to light when Rajinder Kumar, the caretaker, went to the house around 2.15 pm and found the main gate unlocked. When he went inside, he saw Mehra lying on the floor of the bedroom and he immediately raised an alarm.

Initial probe has concluded that the senior citizen was strangled to death with a pillow.

‘There were no other visible injury marks on her body. It was taken to Sabzi Mandi mortuary for post-mortem, after a crime and forensic team examined the house,’ the official added.

Mehra was described by her neighbours as a social loner. Many residents of the colony said she hardly mingled with the people ever, after a series of deaths in her family, including that of her husband 30 years ago and their young son afterwards.
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