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Tigers might soon fall into the category of ‘rare’ fauna if the poachers do not stop the killing of the magnificent animal. Dipu Karunakaran through Mission Tiger has sent out this message loud and clear. The film delves into the poaching business that is rampant in India. Based on an IFS official’s real story, the movie also tries to showcase the ground realities of the life of poor villagers, the victims and the forest officials who are directly or indirectly affected by the poaching of tigers. 

This movie is an attempt by the director to explain that our greed is responsible for the big cat being endangered. Vijay Raaz, a well-known comedian, plays the leading role in the film as Ram Thappa. Thappa, born into a family of poachers leaves his only way of livelihood to find other means to look after his family. However, the circumstances pull him back to poaching.  T.R. Bijulal, a senior Indian Forest Service (IFS) official currently working as the D.F.O. in Uttarkashi district and second lead actor in the film, is playing the role of Vikram Nair- D.F.O in Nainital district. 

Vikram Nair (Biju) understands the mental agony of Chameli, a village girl and a victim of a tiger’s wrath who makes up her mind to kill the animal out of fear, and he gives Chameli a last chance to change her mind. 

Jyotsna Varma, a journalist passionate about the cause of tigers seeks the guidance of Vikram Nair to find out the ground realities of poaching. The movie carefully stresses upon the commitment and courage of Vikram Nair to save the animal and is successful in bringing forth the realities of the grave issue. 

T.R. Bijulal IFS, said, “Tiger is the national animal of our country, but some people have been cruel to our national treasure and have killed numerous tigers for various reasons”. Jayveer Panghaal from Mates Entertainment said, “Our film seeks to highlight the menace of tiger poaching in an entertaining and thrilling manner, yet raising awareness on the issue. 

There was no better day than International Tiger Day to release the film as the issue then reaches maximum people”. The movie talks about people indulging in tiger poaching with dialogues about the increase in ‘demand’ for tigers.
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