Cardiac patients increase thrice in city, reveals survey

Cardiac patients increase thrice in city, reveals survey
A country-wide survey conducted by Practo, Asia’s leading digital online health care service provider, revealed that the number of patients with cardiac and gastroenterology problems in Kolkata has increased by thrice and twice respectively than what it was in the last year. 

Practo is one of the leading online health care service providers in India and abroad where patients get consultation from the best doctors of the country through online and can also avail the facilities to visit the doctors they are looking for. 

The report also highlighted the fastest growing ailments among people in Kolkata and other major cities in India and how to address these issues. The report was prepared on the basis of the patients visiting the portal or mobile application. 

Around 40 million people in India registered their appointments with the doctors or received consultation from 2 lakh doctors enlisted with the company. 

According to the survey report, in last one year the number patients suffering from ENT problems became double. In Delhi, the biggest health issues remain Gynecology, Dermatology and Dentistry, the fastest growing are Gastroenterology, ENT and Dentistry. 

In Mumbai ENT, Gastroenterology and Pediatrics are the fastest growing healthcare issues. The biggest healthcare issues in the city are Dermatology, Gynecology and Dentistry. In Pune, the biggest healthcare concerns are Dermatology, Gynecology and Dentistry. 

The fastest growing healthcare issues include ENT followed by Cardiology and Pediatrics. In Bengaluru, the biggest healthcare concerns are Dermatology, Pediatrics and Dentistry, while the fastest growing healthcare issues include Pediatrics followed by Gastroenterology and ENT.

The private company reached out to the people though an application which the patients need to install on their mobile phones. Patients can also get to know the services offered by the company by visiting their website www.practo.com. 

The company has claimed that in 2015, around 40 million people in India got consultancy from the doctors registered with the online application and portal. Most of these patients had visited the doctors they desired for through an appointment done online. 

There is an option on the website where the patients can upload the scanned copies of their clinical tests so that the doctors get to know the previous history of the patient’s ailments. 

Through the mobile application a patient, residing in Kolkata can get the privilege of the consulting and visiting a doctor in South India, other parts of the country or anywhere in Asia.     

Shashank ND, founder and CEO of Practo said: “At Practo, we’re on a mission to help mankind live healthier, longer lives by simplifying healthcare. We believe strongly that the solution to most problems starts with getting the right data. With over 75M searches and 40M appointments across 200,000 doctors and 200+ specialties, this is definitely the largest and most comprehensive healthcare data ever compiled. We hope this provides insights to the various stakeholders so we can work together and help make India healthy.”  


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