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Capital shows rise in number of drunk driving cases

Capital shows rise in number  of drunk driving cases
Cases of drunk driving are on the rise in the city. Statistics released by the city police show that the number of such cases have gone up steadily in the past three years. While 11,388 cases of drunk driving were registered in the national capital in 2010, 18,073 such cases were reported in 2011. The figure for 2012 is higher.

'25,678 cases of drunk driving were registered in the capital in 2012. Also, in spite of strict laws, regular checkings and awareness campaigns by the Delhi Traffic Police, 574 such cases were registered on New Year's Eve. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a very serious offense which causes the maximum number of road accidents and death,' said the Joint CP, Delhi traffic police, Satyendra Garg. Statistics show the that in cases of road accident, drivers who were killed had 33-69 per cent alcohol content in their blood, while survivers had only between eight to 29 per cent alcohol in their blood.

As of March 2012, there are 69.32 lakh registered vehicles in the city,  but sadly the vehicles lack responsible drivers. Delhi traffic police has been using latest technology to detect the level of alcohol in the blood of drivers when they are caught driving under the influence of alcohol. But the question remains whether the findings of the breathalyser is being manipulated or tampered with? When confronted, Satyender Garg denied possibility of any manipulation. 'The digital breathe analyzer is used in a way that detections cannot be tampered with. The device gives prints of findings’.
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