Capital gets a kiss from the dragon!

Capital gets a kiss from the dragon!
Seeing Jackie Chan in flesh and blood sent the audience in a state of hysteria. Spotlights, shutterbugs and everyone’s gaze kept following him as he swayed the audience by singing ‘I am no hero’ in Siri Fort auditorium. He expressed his admiration for 3 Idiots and Indian kadhai chicken; talked of going beyond his characteristic stunts to do a song and dance sequence with his co-actor in Myth, Mallika Sherawat; and bowled us over with a jig while jovially complaining that his head is too stiff to move.True to his style, Jackie Chan left us overwhelmed with his humility and charisma.

The 59-year-old Hong Kong based international sensation, Jackie Chan, was the cynosure of all eyes as the first Chinese film festival 2013 heralded a new era of cinematic bilateral relations between India and China on Tuesday evening. The six day film festival was inaugurated by Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Manish Tiwari, along with the Chinese Minister, Cai Fuchao.
Kicking off with Jackie Chan’s latest movie Chinese Zodiac, the festival promises to showcase a wide variety of Chinese cinematic excellence. The movies being showcased at the festival include: The Grandmasters from Wong Kar-Wai, who is internationally renowned as an auteur for his visually unique, highly stylized, and emotionally resonant cinema; Back to 1942 by Feng Xiaogang, the Chinese film director, who besides being a highly successful commercial filmmaker, has also made comedy films which have consistently done well on the box office. He has also attempted to break out from that mould by making drama and period films recently.  His film also premiered at the International Rome Film Festival in 2012.

In the press conference, a question about Sino-Indian border troubles caught the delegation off balance momentarily but Jackie Chan relieved the tension in the air as he said, ' We have been neighbours for the last 1000 or more years. We should collaborate to make good cinema for maintaining peace with our neighbours.' Why not love each other and sing a song on the border, quipped the actor.

The festival is an attempt to bring to Indian audiences, the cinema of acclaimed Chinese directors, who have earned recognition globally.The film festival offers carefully selected bouquet of films from alternative to contemporary, action to adventure and new age cinema to period dramas
Looking forward to Sino-Indian co-productions, the highest paid Asian star Jackie Chan said, ‘Today China is the second biggest film market in the world and in the next few years it would be the biggest market in the world. It’s the same with Bollywood. You are 1.2 billion people. You are going to be a big market soon and when you are a big market, everybody comes to you and tries to understand your culture.’

In his final note, sensing the scale and warmth of the Indian reception, the Chinese minister, Cai Fuchao, struck a friendly chord by saying that China will be ready to host an Indian film festival in its capital with equal vigour and enthusiasm.
Isha Arora

Isha Arora

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