Cape(d) fear

Cape(d) fear
Perhaps it was time to lend a concrete perspective to Krypton and Superman and add more to the history of this superhero and place it on the timeline. Oh, and also explain what that ‘S’ on the chest is all about.

That is pretty much what Man of Steel does. Not anything more. If anyone was looking for a reboot - this isn’t it. While it is impossible to give Superman shades of grey, I daresay, Snyder manages to introduce some more dimensions to the spectacled reporter who over the last few decades changed discretely in phone booths and took Lois Lane on night flights.

Henry Cavill is the ‘yummiest’ Superman you have laid your eyes on till date (yeah, go ahead, judge me!) and in 3D his muscles almost seem to be popping out of the screen. Perfecto!

The movie starts with a flashback on Krypton that explains why Kal El (Yes. That is Superman’s real name) was put in a pod and blasted off to this solar system. 33 years and counting, Clark Kent is saving workers off burning rigs and running from pillar-to-post trying to mask his super powers and be normal. For the world fears what it doesn’t understand. The tragedy for every superhero. Clark’s earth-daddy, Jonathan Kent  (Kevin Costner), advises the young boy to keep his powers under wraps for the world is not ready for him. But ironically tells him that he was sent for a higher purpose. Go figure!

When earth-daddy gets wiped off the map (literally by a tornado and he orders Clark to not save him - again - go figure!) Clark goes off doing odd jobs, wiping off traces after each rescue mission. Then he lands at the Arctic where he comes to face to face with his real father Jor El (Russell Crowe, a hologram). And as Kal El shoots off towards the sun basking in his powers and his new suit General Zod, the man who killed his father, comes to earth demanding Kal El’s surrender. Krypton must be resurrected on the ruins of Earth. And of course, philanthropic Superman has to save the day.

Clearly, Superman cannot be bad or remotely evil. No Joker can talk to him about the little push of insanity or inject a black alien life-form in to him and turn him evil. He’s not plagued with any pains except having to deal with changes in his powers as he nears something from Krypton. Easy peasy!

But what this Superman can do is bring in this delightful persona that shuffles somewhere between Ironman’s arrogance and Captain America’s reluctant dedication to the nation. ‘I was brought up in Kansas,’ he tells the army general after shooting down a tracer drone. He will be found when he wants to be found - the nouveau Dark Knight, but sorry Christian Bale, Cavill gets my brownie points.

The movie drags and after a point the fight scenes give you a headache and seem redundant. The final fight between Zod and Superman should have happened some odd 15 minutes earlier in the movie than it does. The climax looks like the aftermath of the Avengers’ last scene. Been there, seen that. Nothing riveting, nothing new.

Amy Adams does a better job than other superhero’s girlfriends. Pat on the back. But the stars are for Cavill. Sigh!
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